Genica Genetic Tests for Rare Diseases
Rare Diseases

Genetic Tests for Rare Diseases

GENICA Lab has the most comprehensive range of genetic tests to cover the needs of each patient. A definitive diagnosis can bring great relief to patients and their families, especially when they seek answers for a long time.

The accuracy of genetic test results is of paramount importance. Major life decisions are often based on the results of genetic tests. Therefore, genetic testing should only be performed by accredited, high-quality laboratories that participate in external quality assurance schemes on a regular basis. Patient care also includes genetic consultation before and after the test to explain the extend of the analysis  and expected results. Medical interpretation of the information obtained from the genetic analysis is also performed.

Our range of genetic tests is extensive and is continuously updated. Contact us if you cannot find a specific test you need.

Rare Diseases Tests - List+Fees

GENICA offers genetic tests for close to 300 rare diseases

GENICA Lab offers genetic tests for close to 300 rare diseases. In the enclosed brochure you will find detailed information about the tests, the genes studied, and the fees.

Our list of genetic tests for rare decease is continuously updated. Contact us if you cannot find a specific test you need.

Diagnostic Range: Genetic tests for rare diseases

Diagnostic Methods: Sanger sequencing / MLPA/Fragment analysis


Results within: 10 business days

Fees: From BGN 40 to BGN 5000 depending on the test performed

Clinical application

Rare diseases

Download Our Brochure

Download Our Brochure

Next-Generation Sequencing

Next-Generation sequencing (NGS)/ Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

 This test detects mutations in 20,000 genes associated with various hereditary conditions. It analyzes packages of target genes associated with specific conditions according to clinical diagnosis (Cancer Panel, Pediatric Panel, Diabetes Panel, Epilepsy Panel, Intellectual Deficiency/Autism Panel, Skeletal Dysplasias Panel, Cardiomyopathies Panel, etc.). 

Diagnostic Range: ~20 000 genes

Diagnostic Method: Next-Generation Sequencing

Research Material: Venous blood

Results within: 2 to 4 months

Fee: BGN 3800

Clinical application

Cancer, childhood diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, intellectual deficit/autism, skeletal dysplasia, cardiomyopathies, etc.