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About Us

Founded in 2006 GENICA is the only specialized laboratory in Bulgaria for performing molecular genetic tests. The lab provides a full spectrum of modern genetic methods and technologies for analysis of human, viral and bacterial genomes (PCR; RT-PCR; sequencing; hybridization techniques).

GENICA is active in research and is constantly developing new and innovative services in the field of genetics. Latest technologies take over the previously used diagnostic methods.

Over 60 medical experts, human geneticists, and researchers work together with clinical, medical, and scientific partners worldwide.


Quality Driven to Achieve Scientific Excellence

GENICA follows the strictest quality criteria in an effort to meet our customers requirements in clinical diagnostics, clinical trial services and research and development. This is supported by GENICA's multi discipline external quality assessment schemes (EQAS), which have been recognized in our INSTAND E.v. certifications. GENICA  integrates EQAS into every aspect of our operations. We continually go through international external proficiency testing schemes to ensure technical and medical competency and proficiency.

Our mission: Providing precise medical diagnosis of inherited diseases at the earliest possible moment.

Our vision: Transforming medical expertise and analytical information into actionable results for physicians, patients, and pharmaceutical partners.

Our belief is that the genes are the key to the diagnosis and prevention of number of medical conditions, including reproductive failure, cancer, rare genetic diseases, sexually transmitted infections, respiratory infections and others. The laboratory also offers DNA programs focused on daily lifestyle - diet, sports, detox, skin care, memory and concentration.


Our Team